Umina Beach Tree Planting Projects

A group known as Umina Community, which is a committed body of local residents engaged in the enhancement of the suburb of Umina Beach, commenced a planting of street trees program as part of National Tree Day at Umina Beach on July 31. Strong support from the locals was shown for this event. It is also being backed up by groups including both Umina NSW Community Group and Central Coast Council Nursery. A lot of significant benefits for the local community were achieved and the local community really enjoyed the said event.

The community sees the need to replant trees for the reason that they are rapidly disappearing from the landscape of Umina. This phenomenon occurs due to the uncontrollable multiple developments that are currently occurring. As trees diminish in numbers, various species of birds are losing their food source and habitat. The predominance and application of hard surfaces including concrete, brick, and asphalt along with high-density living has resulted into the rapid increase of temperature. At present, the movement believes that there has never been a greater need for trees throughout the history of the district for a better Umina beach holiday accommodation. They are hoping to sufficiently provide relief from the rapid increase of temperatures. They also stressed out the need for the restoration of shade and the enjoyment of close contact with nature.