Umina Beach Surfing Facts

Umina beach is known to be an enormous ocean beach for its longboard and mini malibu surfing rides. Also, the beach is very much suitable for a shortboard or a lid when it’s pumping. When swelling breaks on sandbars, it is always best to be in a standing position on a higher tide running in or out. Depending on how cooperative the climate is, you will be able to experience a very powerful and fast variety of waves with excellent sections. Taken from the experiences of local and tourist surfers, it is possible to catch very long waves ranging up to an estimate of 200 metres and above.

Every aspiring traveler must take note that heaps of surfing newbies and holidayers surge in the summertime. It is therefore advised to have your patience and your wits keep intact. Locals are very friendly which completes your Umina beach holiday accommodation. However, it’s always best to follow the regulations imposed in the beach as universal to any other beach there is.


Locals are friendly and accommodating. Just like any beach, every tourist should keep the proper etiquette. The area is filled with scenic places. Such views include Box Head, surrounding bush gullies and headlands.


Many people from Sydney are moving up. Moreover, the area continues to flourish for there is a continuous emergence of Umina beach parks.

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