Top Umina Restaurants

Find the top Umina Restaurants new Umina Beach.
  1. Umiya Restaurant

Approximately 3 years ago, Umiya Restaurant opened in Umina. It serves fresh and delicious Japanese food with efficient and welcoming service. Food presentation is one of the restaurant’s forte for it serves foods that are visually appealing. In addition to that, they also serve cuisines that are not Japanese themed such as Bulgogi which is one of their best dishes. With convenient parking area and cost reasonable menus, this will surely hit a decent spot in Umina’s best restaurants

  1. Khonkaen Koon Thai Restaurant Koon Thai is considered by many as the best Thai Umina Restaurants. As a family restaurant, its ambiance features a classy and pleasant home-type surrounding. This Umina restaurant serves high-class Thai dishes with vegetarian options. With great and relaxing atmosphere, it guarantees a memorable dining experience in line with excellent customer service and affordable food.

  1. Sounds on West Restaurant on West Restaurant offers barbecues cooked in American style. It provides tourists the best American barbecue experience, especially during dinner time. The menu features brisket or pork sandwiches, snacks, beef brisket, beef short ribs, sausages, pulled pork and anything that can be put on the grill. As for the place, it is composed of combined brick and timber panel walls with steel and glass. Benches have refurbished top together with classy doors to provide a butcher’s restaurant ambiance

  1. 304 On West Restaurant

304 On West Restaurant serves both food with excellent quality and quantity usually larger than what customers expect followed with delicious taste. They specialize in serving breakfast together with a lovely room ambiance. Staffs are also critical about the service because they assign more than one person per table. With a wide variety of menus served, dining experience in this restaurant will be like no other.

  1. Safran Restaurant is a Turkish themed Restaurant which is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Central Coast. Filled with delightful food and drinks, it serves every customer in a very classy way. The best feature in its menu is the banquet. With $50 you can avail to 9 plates of various cuisines, including bread, dips, pastries, salads, lamb and kebab filled with amazing desserts. A dine within the restaurant ensures an extraordinary food experience.