Top 5 Festivals near Umina Beach New South Wales 2257

Umina Beach New South Wales is a hub for many spectacular arrays of arts and cultural festivals, and even just a regular but exciting family entertainment.

As the most visited state in the country, New South Wales has become a major global cultural destination throughout the years of its existence. As a home to Australia’s largest cosmopolitan city — Sydney. NSW is without a doubt a state which is at the forefront of various exciting festivals and celebrations annually.

Below are some of the Festivals that are near Umina Beach that your family might love to explore after a fun-filled beach vacation:

  1. The Festival of Dangerous Ideas is an event orchestrated annually which started in the year 2009. The event was co-founded by both The Ethics Centre and Sydney Opera House. It is being held at the Sydney Opera House for eight years now until present. The purpose of this Festival is primarily to discuss and debate some of the most critical issues in our present time. Many leading thinkers and culture creators gather around this event to participate in the discussions.

  1. The Tropfest is one of Australia’s most iconic cultural film events. The film festival started way back in 1993 with the purpose of creating a platform in which filmmakers can present brand new ideas for film content and new storylines. The festival annually encourages emerging talents to participate in Australia’s film industry. The film festival is very successful for it was able to produce notable films and TV careers including Trop Jr, TropTalks and many more, which is part of our Australian film multi-day celebration. The upcoming festival will be celebrated in an exciting new home – the iconic and beautiful Parramatta Park.

  1. BEAMS Festival is a known multi-disciplinary festival in arts. It was created to showcase different types of artwork in a whole new type of scope. The festival encourages everyone with creative artworks to come and collaborate together with other hundreds of artists to generate a surge of ideas and inspiration to come up with a new type of artwork. The festival is heavily supported by the City Government of Sydney. It also has major sponsors such as Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House. The BEAMS Festival Project is continues to develop each year into a bolder and even more daring highlight of the Sydney event calendar.

  1. Now in its 41st year, the Sydney Festival organization is focused in enhancing its social commitments for everyone in Sydney, regardless of accessibility needs. Sydney Festival’s vision is to formally reconcile and create engagements with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people together with any other communities related to them within Umina NSW. They also aspire to effectively contribute in eliminating the gap between Indigenous people and other Australians. Sydney Festival has a vision is to be the most community-driven performing arts festival in Australia.

  1. Annually, Sydney Writers’ Festival features around 300 events. It aims to attract audiences of over 100,000 to come and attend to the beautiful Walsh Bay in heritage wharves on Sydney Harbour which is considered to be the heart of the festival. The festival aims to gather together writers from diverse cultures and backgrounds, including screenwriters, novelists and musicians. In addition it also deals with other fields related to writing such as philosophical and intellectual write-ups, scientific write-ups and news writing. With the purpose of extracting the finest writing and storytelling from its members, the festival program is hardly driven by the surrounding ideas and concerns that portray all types of literature.

Within NSW, there is never a scarcity of things to discover, from city lights to stunning natural sceneries, Umina restaurants and beaches, it is always best to savor the utmost of fun in your vacation. These events will most likely be the best option to complete your holiday tour.