Fishing spots on the Central Coast Ocean Beach NSW

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Central Coast region is a host to some of the most beautiful and relaxing in Central CoastĀ Ocean Beach NSW not only in Australia but in the whole world. Aside from visiting ocean beach holiday parks, fishing on the Central Coast is one of the widely known major activities in which locals and tourists both engage themselves. This is due to the existence of a wide range of fishing areas that are capable of turning every dream fishing experience to reality.

Written below are the most prominent spots in fishing that will surely provide you the best Central Coast fishing experience. Moreover, we have incorporated some few tips on the types of bait and lures that should be used when out to venture for fishing.


Tuggerah Lake

Among the plenty of fishing spots on the Central Coast, Tuggerah Lake is one of the best to choose from. Tuggerah Lake is a natural habitat to many species of fish, including everything from Flathead to Mullet. This is because it is also located just north of the beautiful Avoca Beach.

Because of the lack of wave movements in the area, the lake became widely known as a destination for peaceful and stress relieving fishing area in Central Coast NSW. After heavy rains, it is best to utilize the area for fishing for the reason that many species of fish that are expected to search for food during this phenomenon, making them vulnerable to fishers.


Fishing Tip:
Live bait works best when you are aspiring to fish Flatheads of Central Coast Ocean Beach. It is also heavily recommended that the bait should be larger than usual.


Pelican Point

Another exciting area for fishing in the Central Coast is the Pelican Point. This suits best especially rock fishing enthusiasts. The areas that are filled with seaweeds are being swarmed with rock Blackfish.


Fishing Tip:
Fishing for Breams demands a neatly skillful and quick in one’s movements. The use of smaller baits possibly worms or prawns and light lines are highly suggested. In addition, black fishes are naturally elusive. The best baits that work well in hooking this fish are clams and green crabs.


Long Jetty

Long Jetty is the best area in Central Coast Ocean Beach for those who are fond of prawn fishing. The jetty is filled with numerous spectacular views and high-class accommodation NSW at its end. The view ensures that will have the right feels and the best mood when you are trying to have a big catch.

The wide range of viable baits can be casted once the fisher reaches water the deeper portions of the water and towards the very end of the jetty. This will ensure fishers of the right moment to reel in the best catch.


Fishing Tip:
The best fishing equipment recommended for prawn fishing in this area is dragging net. The said equipment is allowed in the area and will enable the catcher to have some huge volume of catches. This is most effective during summer.